Covenants are the written rules, limitations and restrictions on use, applicable to all owners of homes in a subdivision or condominium complex. Covenants may limit size and placement of homes, exterior colors, pets, use of barbecues and other conduct to protect the quiet enjoyment of the various residents. Covenants are enforced by the Association or by individual Owners who can take enforcement action against Owners who violate the Covenants. Covenants are permanent or “run with the land” so future owners are bound to the same rules.

BSOA jurisdiction is geographically defined by a variety of governing documents including but not limited to Covenants and includes subdivisions as well as the independent condominium associations that operate within the subdivision. There are also several tracts of land that are part of the BSOA’s jurisdiction that are not part of a subdivision.

The BSOA office library contains a copy of many of the applicable subdivision and condominium covenants which are for informational purposes only.

For your convenience, the most recent version of the Sweetgrass Hills and Meadow Village Subdivision covenants are provided here as is a listing of other BSOA subdivisions and related condominiums.

Sweetgrass Hills Covenants
Meadow Village Covenants
List of Subdivision & Related Condominiums